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Probably a breath of fresh air seeing this! If you have been shopping around for vendors you may have noticed that most creatives don't show all their pricing. I am against that because it causes confusion and can deter clients! It also prevents us from wasting lots of time emailing and sending guides back and forth. Due to this transparency, I book almost all couples who officially inquire with me! I built it like this to be fully transparent about what it takes to invest in me. I give you everything to make an informed decision. You also may have noticed that for the quality of my services, I am 30-50% more affordable than the market. That is on purpose! I am here to capture your day and get paid for the time it takes to do that. I don't add on large profit margins, I want to keep my prices here because I love the clients in this range! I also want to give you the highest quality in this range you can receive without breaking your wedding budget. I am here for you and what you need! We can easily build a package that meets your needs. Because my prices are affordable, I would appreciate inquiries & and clients who respect my fair pricing. If we aren't a good match, I have many vendor recommendations if you are looking for someone in the lower price range. 

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Hey! Thank you for being so interested in investing in my Art!

My packages are buildable to best suit your wedding day! The ones shown are medians of what couples like per price range. Each one has been developed over the past 8 years! Any questions? Always ask :)

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Let's travel!!! Once we meet, I will be able to give you the exact number. Most of the time these base travel fees are exactly the cost. These prices are subject to change based on where I am coming from.  fluctuations on national travel costs but it’s the most ballpark cost I can give you online without a discovery call! I do not profit from added travel and base my travel on the federal minimum. Travel includes transportation, gas, hotel, equipment baggage, and flight.


If your wedding or celebration is close to where I am already or live, I will remove the travel costs as well!

So, you won’t pay for travel, if it’s not needed :)



Coming From Anywhere

Base: $850


Coming From Eugene, OR

Coming From Scottsdale

Base: $600

Rate: $40/hr + $65-$120 Gas


Coming From Eugene, OR

Rate: $40/hr + $65-$120 Gas




Base: $850

Coming From Anywhere

Each package has some or all travel added already. We will discuss this at our discovery call and I will give you the exact number! For right now, if you know you need added travel you add the amount needed from the location I am coming minus the already included travel. Travel add-ons for 2023, range from a few hundred dollars extra.

Most of the time the travel included in the packages was enough. 


Example:  Eugene --> Seattle

- 10 hours of travel total + 2 hotel nights

- The package included: 6 hours + one night in a hotel

- Add On: 4 hours + One more night + gas

- Total Add-On: $40x4 Hours (Based on Federal Minimum) + $120 Hotel + $65 Tank of Gas

Final Add-On Total: $345 

EIPCo. Experience!

What you get from booking with Emily Irene Photo Co. 

Open and honest communication

Solid contracts

Bridal Portal with lots of information on wedding prep & goodies


Tipple backed up data

Communication with your vendors

Easy payment CRM

24-72 hour photo sneaks

BTS of your wedding day

Quick and reasonable turnarounds

Fun freebies 

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Can I buy RAW footage?

I do not share my raw footage because it is an element of my work and not the entirety of it. RAW footage is gray, has poor audio quality, and has lots of movement. I understand the want to have the raw footage because most people think the footage will look like high-quality iPhone videos. The system of capturing your wedding day is composed of many elements during and in post. I included two examples below to help you see the difference between RAW and Editing footage. If you received the raw footage you would not be satisfied with it. It's basically the canvas of a painting before the paint is added. 

RAW footage can also mean that you are looking to purchase the entirety of a moment! Like the entire ceremony, private vows, dances or speeches. I do offer those, fully edited, audio mixed, edited, color graded, and in 4K unlimited online downloads! Scroll past the example to see what I offer and the cost for each. 


This ceremony footage is straight off the camera with no editing or audio manipulation. You cannot hear the officiant or couple speaking during this clip, even at full volume. It is also shot in LOG so the colors are flat and gray. as well as only one camera angle. 

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This is a memorable moment! It has clear audio quality, you can hear the couple and officiant, beautiful color grading, many camera angles, and capturing all the events, editing to exclude as much of my movement as possible. 

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I will capture these moments of your day, but having the full run of a moment of your wedding is the perfect keepsake! Capturing the day in multiple different mediums (AUTHENTIC FILM) is such a fun way to relive your day. Add as many as you would like!


Memorable Moment Films 





DANCES: $250

- Roll, processing, labor, digital files, and prints included -

Disposable Camera - $65

Disposable Camera Black and White - $65

Film Camera 35mm Film Photos - $85

Super 8 Footage + Separate Footage Video - $250 

Polaroids - $50/ per pack

Camcorder Film $150/ flat rate after the wedding



(Some full run videos will have some of my movement because I do handheld videography and need to adjust my cameras often, if you want to have no movement in your mm film, I can arrange that too!) 









If you would like to have multiple mediums of your day captured in your film, these are some examples of that! The camcorder is always free unless you choose to buy all the footage from the day that your family & and friends took! (See pricing above) Super 8 is $250 a roll. Some/majority is included in your film and you get a full video of the entire roll as well. 




Associate or Second Shooter

Your day is how you want it! If you feel more comfortable having a second shooter, then we can definitely add one to your package. I want you to have a completely informed decision. 

I leave it up to you whether or not you would like to hire an associate or second shooter. I am very good about doing both photos and filming myself! I am very confident and never miss your wedding moments. I hired and spent thousands on second and associate shooters in 2023, and realized that the photos they got vs. what I did didn't give me variety. I don't see a second shooter worth the money this year. After talking with many industry leaders about this, they are all in agreement. This decision didn't come quickly and here is my reasoning behind this:

1. The expense: Outsourcing shooters who can shoot at my quality run about the same hourly that I make. An intermediate 6-8 hour day can run you about $500. Some are about $1,200 with travel. For any newer SSs, I had many required $55 an hour minimum to shoot and had to have a travel fee. I wasn't using many of their photos either because I already got most of everything from different angles. The least expensive was 4 hours with local travel at $250 and they got limited coverage of the day.

2. The photographers that I need to produce quality images are usually booked up with their own weddings and they can make more money than taking second shooting jobs. I will not hire unvetted or inexperienced photographers. like many creatives do and offer them in their packages, I require quality, not just another person to show they are there. An added second shooter to other vendors' packages, doesn't mean a good-quality second photographer. 


3. Confusion: Hiring another photographer to assist with photos during the day brings on many questions and unexpected issues. They are hired and contracted to work under me and my business and cannot be contacted or asked for their personal information. They are also never scheduled until 30ish days before the wedding because they are just picking up extra work on a day they don't have booked. It is an element that is up in the air for a while, and the BTS work is a lot to get people to agree to shoot. 


A great option for your wedding day is to add on an assistant, They are about half the cost and anyone can do this because they don't need camera skills to help throughout the day. I have hired many people to be my wedding assistant and I enjoyed the help with gear and other small tasks throughout the day. Their hourly is $35-50/hr vs. $75-150/hr for a second shooter.


I hope this made your decisions easier and more informed! Any questions you have, we can go over on the discovery call. Thank you so much for checking my art out. I appreciate it more than you know!

I am so excited to have you!

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